The Magic Carpet of Technology tales

The Magic Carpet of Technology tales is an operational model for technological education designed for museum educators and early educators.

The operational model introduces a workshop called The Magic Carpet of Technology tales. The workshop focuses on technological education in a museum environment and is designed for children aged six to eight. Furthermore, the operational model describes the workshop´s evolution, different applications and ideas behind it.

The purpose of the workshop is to inspire children in the pre-primary and early primary education stages (preschool and first and second year elementary) to observe and understand technology as a part of their everyday life. Children in this age group can, by the means of progressive inquiry, practice finding themes connected to technology and discuss these themes from their own perspective and their own developmental phase. These themes include e.g. the essence of technology, stages of invention and changes that have taken place in technological environments.

As a part of the project, researchers (Learning Futures research group in Department of Teacher Education in University of Helsinki), designers and early educators, all together, designed and modified the carpet and its functions. They also tested, assessed and, when necessary, redesigned them. This interdisciplinary method, which requires close cooperation, is a new way to produce workshops and activities for children in the museum setting.

This multi-voiced project team, with the help of rigorous evaluation and development work, integrated the voices and ideas of the children not only into the operational model but to the development of the museum as a learning environment and its operations in general. The operational model offers a child-centered approach to planning and carrying out workshop activities - an approach, which is based on everyday life and technology.

The Magic Carpet of Technology tales
operational model is a part of The Pienten Paja (Kids, Museum and Technology program), funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Pienten paja is a development project that the Museum of Technology has put it into practice in 2012-2015. Finnish Museums Association has been in the steering committee of the project.

The Magic carpet of Technology tales is designed & produced by artists Outi Turpeinen and Sanna Majander.