Creative making, museums and lifelong learning -tapahtuma Helsingissä

Hankkeen päätöstapahtuma järjestetään Helsingissä Teatterimuseossa 11.10.2022 klo 10-17. Tapahtumassa esitellään CREMA-hankkeessa kehitettyjä menetelmiä ja ohjeita laajemmalle yleisölle. Päivä koostuu puheenvuoroista ja työpajoista. Maksuton tapahtuma on suunnattu museoalan ammattilaisille ja aikuiskouluttajille. Ilmoittaudu mukaan maksuttomaan tilaisuuteen 4.10 mennessä!

Creative making, museums and lifelong learning, Teatterimuseo, Helsinki, 11.10.2022. 


9.30 Registration 
10.00 Welcome and presentation of the CREMA project 
10.45 How to build a makerspace? Deborah Hustic, Creative Director Radiona - Zagreb Makerspace 
  • What is a makerspace? How to build a makerspace? How museums can use makerspaces? 
11.15 Examples from Finnish museums
  • Engaging non-finnish speaking public, Erja Salo, Head of Learning and Public Programmes and Zara Asgher,  interdisciplinary visual artist and educator, The Finnish museum of photography (
  • “I CAN DO ANYTHING" Theater methods working with adults with disabilities in Erasmus+ project (In)different Journey and recreational wellbeing for work communities in Working well? -workshop. Siiri Ervasti, Freelancer, Theatre museum (

12.00 Lunchbreak
13.30 Workshop facilitators present their workshops 
13.45-14.45 Workshops round 1 (Participants can choose two different workshops)

Workshop 1: Access to museum materials for visually impaired or blind visitors using archaeological methods and findings
Organizer: Museum of Copenhagen, Denmark
To give participants the possibility to try the methods used with visually impaired or blind museum visitors which give them an insight into archaeological methods and archaeological findings of museum materials.

Workshop 2: Tools to map and target museum audiences
Organizer: BAM! Strategie Culturali, Italy
Part 1: Introduction to tools and methods for understanding, describing and targeting museum  audiences (maps, user personas, user journey…) 
Part 2: Short exercise on the tools, short discussion on audiences and making in museums (which audiences can be stimulated to engage with our museum with making activities? Which audiences are more distant from our core offer, but could be possibly interested in making experiences? What kind of “making”...?) 

Workshop 3: Methods of co-creating for innovation in museums/
Organizer: Think Tank Creative Museum, Latvia
In this workshop, on example of selected case studies participants will learn about such experimental co-creating methods as a hackathon and more traditional ones such as artist in residence and competition for the best creative idea. 

Workshop 4: Using museum objects for discussion, inspiration and intergenerational learning
Organizer: The Regional Museum of Skåne, Sweden 
In this workshop, the participants will get insight into how museum objects can be beneficial for discussion, intergenerational learning and creative making. Different museum objects will be discussed at the workshop as an example of how they can build bridges between generations and work as a spark for conversation, curiosity, knowledge and creativity. 

Workshop 5: Experience the world from the pov of a person living with disabilities
Organizer: Hungarian Open Air Museum, Hungary
During this workshop, you can learn about how people with diverse disabilities perceive their surroundings. Try yourself in different situations and learn about abilities and disabilities via your own experiences. This workshop will help you to understand the needs of different people and will give you advice on how to make your space and programmes even more inclusive for everyone. 

14.45 Coffee 
15.15-16.15 Workshops round 2 
16.15 Wrap up
17.00 End of event 

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