More than 50 politicians to museums for “work practice” – among them three ministers and the Speaker of Parliament

Paula Risikko, Speaker of Parliament

The Finnish Museums Association
Press release 21st August 2018

The Finnish Museums Association organize the campaign week Invite a Politician to a Museum at the end of August 2018. More than 50 politicians participate, among them e.g. Paula Risikko, Speaker of Parliament, Sampo Terho, Minister of Culture, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, Minister of Education and Jussi Niinistö, Minister of Defence. The politicians do their work practice or other hands-on familiarization with the everyday activity of the field in about 30 museums around Finland.

It’s now the third time that the Finnish Museums Association organizes the campaign Invite a Politician to a Museum. During the campaign, the behind-the-scenes activity of the museums is made visible, and the multifaceted work of the museums is shown, as well as the social importance of the museum network covering the whole country of Finland.

More information in Finnish, e.g. all the participating politicians and the museums:

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Secretary General, Suomen museoliitto
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Suomen museoliitto 21.8.2018