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European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) 2021 hakuaikaa jatkettu

Vuoden eurooppalainen museo 2021 -kilpailun hakuaikaa on jatkettu elokuun alkuun saakka. Kilpailuun voivat osallistua kaikki viimeisten kolmen vuoden aikana avatut tai uusitut museot.

Media Release

European Museum of the Year Award 2021 competition to Go Ahead 

Application Deadline Extended

As many countries in Europe start to leave lockdown and to open up museums, the EMF has decided to go ahead with the competition for EMYA 2021. The awards date back to 1977 and are an important part of Europe’s heritage. Recognising museums for their achievements in innovation and public quality seems more relevant than ever.  Given the difficulties being experienced by museums, we will extend the application deadline to 1 August 2020 (for the application form – support material can follow). If for any reason it still proves impossible to run the competition this year, all applications will remain valid until it becomes viable.

Suay Aksoy, President of ICOM said:
’ICOM is delighted to support EMYA and its commitment to furthering the quest of museums to serve communities locally and globally in ever innovative ways.’

Jette Sandahl, Chair of the European Museum Forum said:
As an inter- and transnational organization EMYA faces particular challenges in the current situation. But as museums have to invent new practices to welcome people safely to the museum, EMYA will likewise be flexible in how we organize the judging process and adapt to the particular situation in different countries in this special year. 

Mark O’Neill, Chair of the EMYA Jury said:
The awards we confer recognise the contribution museums make to society.  At this time of heightened need across all sections of society, we are determined to celebrate museums which are committed to excellence in their human values as well in how they deliver public quality.

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