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Strategy 2026: Building the Success of Museums Together

Strategy 2026 leads us towards a world where the unique role of museums as sources of vitality, learning, well-being and experience is recognized. The strategy has been developed inclusively, taking into account the needs of our member museums and changes in the operating environment. We have extensively engaged external stakeholders, museum directors and personnel from the FMA Group through interviews and surveys, as well as in a series of workshops.

Our operating environment is undergoing unprecedented change. Tightening finances, globally uncertain situation, and the need to strengthen expertise pose challenges to the whole museum sector. This directs us to focus on what is essential. Choices must be made.

Our strategy revolves around three key themes. Each theme includes objectives and tasks that, when managed effectively, ensure the realization of our mission and the achievement of our goals. Our strategic themes are: Museums as sources of learning and well-being; Museums as sources of vitality and experiences; and a Competent and attractive museum sector.

Our Mission is to Build the Success of Museums Together.

Our unique mission is to build the success of museums together. The FMA works towards ensuring that the significance and success of museums are highlighted. Success is not built in isolation but instead we need each other to complete our mission. This is why we cherish collaboration both within the organization and with member museums and organizations and other stakeholders.

Our Vision Guides Us Towards a World where the Unique Role of Museums as Sources of Vitality, Learning, Well-being and Experiences is Recognized.

Our meaningful goal is going towards a world where the unique role of museums as sources of vitality, enlightenment, well-being and experiences is recognized. This way, an increasing number of people recognize the positive, meaningful impact of museums on themselves, their immediate surroundings, and society at large.

Our Values are Togetherness, Courage, Sustainability, and Appreciation.

Our values serve as our guiding star in our daily operations and decision-making. Eventually, it is our values that define who we are.

At the Finnish Museum Association, we aim to succeed and innovate together to achieve our dream. Along the way, we need the contribution, expertise, and perspectives of all of us. Join us in building the success of museums together!