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The Museum Card Makes Visiting Museums Easy

The Museum Card was first introduced in May 2015, and as of June 2023, it has already been acquired by 350,000 Finns. Museums are now being visited more than ever before! Our mission is to help people engage with culture and support museums in their success.

The Museum Card has transformed the culture of visiting museums. The barrier to visiting a museum has been lowered, and impromptu visits have increased. Many individuals who were previously disinterested in museums have now become active users of museum services, inspired by the Museum Card.

The combined admission ticket revenues of museums have doubled during the Museum Card era. Sales revenues from Museum Cards are returned to museums based on visitor numbers. A portion of the Museum Card sales revenues is used for joint marketing efforts among museums, as well as for system maintenance and development costs.

FMA Creations Oy is responsible for Museum Card operations, and the company is wholly owned by the Finnish Museums Association. The Museum Card system does not benefit any parties outside the museum sector, and no public funding was used in establishing the Museum Card.

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